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Many spread to the central part of the state near the Nevada border throughout the year, but they are generally non-breeding winter tourists elsewhere. Thank you for your interest in our birds. Please login to manage saved searches ads. Species Cockatoo. In summer they will also eat certain types of flowers. Closed banded with NFSS bands Pets and Animals Woodland 50 $ View pictures . Accessible at Now Shipping Nationwide USA! They are now beginning to show some i have 1 pair Gouldian Finches health.140 ea pair if you are interested give me a call at 1-818-545-81-02. The females look more like goldfinches with their lemon-yellow bodies, thou,,,,,, These finches mostly eat seeds however they will also consume fruit from time to time, such as elderberries. Lesser goldfinches can be identified easily by their bright yellow plumes contrasted sharply against a black crown and cape. Kennel hounds, dogs and all kinds of cats. These birds have an unrivaled ability to control the syrinx muscles in the throat and produce elaborate and melodic songs. Sold as a Pair Only color: Red Price $290. 2 green backs, purple chest and red heads $50 ea. European Goldfinch Male & Female for more Info ca 4 In Sunland CA. Visit, Pair of Lady Gouldian Finches, large cage, and stand for sale. Looking for a loving home ASAP.. -Let me know if you have any questions, 2022 Male split blue greenback Lady Gouldian Finch available at Elite Exotics Buffalo. Regular price Sold out Sale price . These are often sighted at the northeastern tip of California near Nevadas northwestern border. Great for training loves cuddles and head scratches. RAISED OUTSIDE MIXED COLORS AND SEXES MIN. Below, we list the finches that call the Golden State home. The philosophy and principles which have characterized McDonald Bird Farm since their beginning in 1975 remain unchanged.They remain committed to providing their customers with the highest quality and healthiest birds available on the market today. She is a very sweet bird and has not bitte.. Sweet, happy, healthy 3 year old female Umbrella Cockatoo. I4 beautiful Parakeets that need a new home. Visit, Pair of Lady Gouldian Finches, large cage, and stand for sale. They typically overwinter in sunny California, like many small songbirds, though they may migrate from the north to central part of the state. Purple Finch. You see, we realized a long time ago that our customers were our greatest asset. Canaries rollers. discounts on more then 4 birds. Bird and Parrot classifieds. . Take a look at our article! Will not sell single females at this selling a yellow gouldian finch $70 firm Red crossbills are unsurprisingly red throughout their bodies, with bright red bodies and dark red wings. general for sale 25; farm & garden 9; books & magazines 2; free stuff 1 + show 41 more + hide 41 more. also 3 shaft tail finches for $60 selling 2 young lady gouldian finches $70 each also shaft tail finches for $25 each or $20 if you take all 3 These birds were probably named before the color hot pink was invented, because the males are closer to that than purple. Cage comes with bird.View Detail, His name is Dusty, is 3 years old and turns 4 in September 21. no hidden. Unlike a parrot, a finch does not require daily interactive attention. History has shown that these types of birds provide their customers with the highest returns on their investment. Having been raised on a farm, James's love for birds and animals came naturally. Females are an even mix of white and light brown in varied patterns. . Great for eating Website created by Miller Design. Real Estate. RAISED OUTSIDE MIXED COLORS AND SEXES MIN. They are still young and not sure if their gender yet but they go into the nests. There may be some dark coloring around the eyes in females, who have more pink feathers on the belly than just the base. I currently have 20 beautiful Gouldian finch for sale asking 85 each please ca 8 With any questions.. $90.00. As well as seeds, they have also been known to forage for small insects, these insects are usually aphids. Birds, Finches. McDonald Bird Farm has dedicated itself to providing the highest quality wholesale bird sales on the, Beginning in 1975, our goal was to supply the pet industry with wholesale parakeets, finches and other exotic birds that were of exceptional quality and at a fair price. - Do you have any other birds and/or household pets? They both are very friendly and socially. I have green, dilute Three pairs of gouldian finches for sale. These birds primarily feed on seeds, however they do eat insects when they are available. California Spray Millet; Dried Insects; Eggfood; Finch & Softbill Feed; Gouldian/Canary; Petamine; Volkman; ZuPreem; Products. Prices start from Text me at (xxx) xxx-xxx6.View Detail, 3 males , 2018 gold finch and Canarys mules , gold finch songView Detail, Several colors to choose from, Adults (fully colored out) $65-$90, Juveniles (not fully colored out) $50-$70. ..hablo espaol. 120 $ per bird Hellow, Ola, ni hao ma, bounjor, guten tag! Beautiful selection of 2022 Lady Gouldian Finches available. This is a breeding pair so they do lay fertile eggs. We do not sell birds to individuals. Toys and food included I\'m moving and need to find a good Home for him. She loves dark haired men. I also have about Society Finches that would be Free also. Copyright 2005-2023, LLC. Whether you're looking for large bird or a small bird, PetSmart has the perfect pet bird for everyone. These heavyset finches inhabit Californias northern border and surrounding areas all year-round, living in the coniferous forests of the mountains with their cousins the Cassins finch and grey-crowned rosy finch. any selling a pair of blue gouldian finches male and female Click to Order. 800 on hand all raised in my flights. They also have very small wingspans which range from 22-26cm. Young. Born this year 2021.View Detail, We Ship!\r\n6 to 8 months old\r\nVet certified\r\nHealth Certified\r\n\r\\r\nOnline company only\r\nWashington state xxxxView Detail, We have 25 Zebras all colors including all white. We hope to hear from you soon. They were in my outdoor aviary and being picked on so I moved them inside, but with several, We have pairs of Lady Gouldian finches available for adoption. They are ground foragers, more equipped for the wild than bird feeders, but relatively secluded homes in Californias northern mountains will find plenty of opportunities to spot them. Physically, the finch bears the silver-grey feathers that provide its name, with a body that is almost completely brown save for a few black feathers at the wing tips and some pinkish feathers near the base of its body. New York, New York. I have males and female zebra finches. Colors: blue,teal McDonald Bird Farm has dedicated itself to providing the highest quality wholesale bird sales on themarket. They were in my outdoor aviary and being picked on so I moved them inside, but with several. also a male for $50 Both under 1 year. States. 8am - 6pm. Send me a message and I will tell you how to order from my website. My Greys are hand-reared from 3 weeks old till now and are cuddly-tame and used to being around small children and busy household. Pickup or shipping via airline only at buyers expense, Zebra finches!! Browse photos and descriptions of 1000 Birds for sale in California of many breeds available right now! They closely resemble the purple finch, where males have rose-colored heads feathered into a mohawk, white stomachs, and brow bodies that blend into various colors where the feathers meet. Females are even browns with hite stomachs and white specks throughout. I just want to ensure that they will be getting the love and attention they need to thrive. We have birds, seed, toys, and all the supplies needed for your birds to thrive. N/A. canaries 50 and up. No MIN. I'm afraid that they will not get the fresh air, love, and attention that they need to thrive. Bonded and must go together! Call xxxx LydiaBuy Now, Bondade pair of red faced parrot finches for sale ready to breedBuy Now, Two make green cheek conures. They like to build nests in rocky places where natural outcroppings and boulders shield them from predators and the elements, usually at high elevation like Cassians. James has has also spoken on exotic birds at numerous seminars and events throughout the country, including symposiums at such places as Purdue University, and authored many articles and has published two books on the subject of exotic birds. Copyright 2005-2023, LLC. Will sale all together or separately, Zebra finches piebald white and wild type. The rest of the male is a dark brown with white streaks throughout, blending into whites, grays, and purples on the stomach. Young. Want to learn more? Their knack for breeding birds quickly paid off, and by 1978 they had a total of 7 separate buildings devoted to breeding parakeets. EMAIL ONLY " " for more details and pics..View Detail, These babies are lovely ,adorable and come with accessories.they are 3 months old now and get along with other domestic babies they have been to the vet,trained and homes raised.come with papers. Furthermore, these birds can live up to 10 years, but a longer lifespan is probable with great health support and exercise training through a proper diet. They also LOVE music - so the more tunes they get the better. Beautiful 9 month old fancy parakeet with stand and Large cage. 386-451-1119. For Serious Inquiries, Call or Text 562 318 8585 .No Emails Please! Want to learn more? Pine Siskin. Click to Order 1 Pair - Male and Female Red Factor. Their trademark comes from the tips of their beaks (or, bills) which cross one another like a tropical bird rather than landing flush like a typical songbird. We appreciate all of our customers, whether they are a small mom and pop individually owned store or a large multi-store operation. Price is per finch. They also enjoy eating nectar and occasionally consume flower buds. Accessible at This he did on an annual basis until his time would no longer permit it. View Details. Mooncheek, Mints, Dilute maxxi. Lots of unsexed Society Finch for sale. $150 each Siberian Goldfinch. Hi everyone, now recently available for sale Gouldian Finches Green Back,OH male & females.They are 8 month Old.And Gouldian Finches for sales, I have some yellow back gouldians for sale, around six months old, most are male, please selling a beautiful pair of gouldian finches I ship all over the country each week. They are.. All whitecockatiel, less the 6 months old, perfect for you!.. I'm including the full set-up - including a 36"H x 18"W x 13"D Cage (cleaned prior to sale), a 16"H x 12"W x 20" Deep foldable Travel Cage, ropes, perches, nesting box, toys, birdbath, 1 month supply of 'ZuPreme Small Selects - for Very Small Birds' seedmix, treats, and written instructions on common care tips for finches. Female Raza Espanola. Accessible at We are moving and looking to sell/rehome them. They are an elegant Australian finch with a rather comical demeanor.. $1.00. Birds . ..hablo espaol. Outside its nearly year-round sunshine, Californias immense area is filled with a diverse gathering of tall trees, with plenty of sun and Pacific climate to create natures apiaries. Looking for a loving home ASAPView Detail, I'm selling a pair of Zebra Finches (Taeniopygia Guttata). Sunny is a3 year old female Umbrella Cockatoo. It can be taken out when birds are ready to breed. Some 47 years later, our business has stood the test of time. Real Estate. Pico Rivera, California. Info ca 4 In Sunland CA Sold out for now, Will try to breed this year, Enjoy the pictures Thank you Good Beautiful Young and Healthy Gouldians , spits to yellow . The Cassians cousin likes to perform cover songs like his kin, though lesser goldfinches spread through much more of California. These finches are slightly larger than others, they can weigh from 20-60g. He has been written about in newspapers and magazines, and has appeared on television and news programs featuring the exotic bird business. Our valued customers were the ones who fed our family through the years and we have never forgotten that. The Gouldian Guy | Gouldian Finches For Sale. Gouldian finch selling in pairs or single males only. We take great pride in the amount of customers who repeatedly order from us. Grey-crowned Rosy-Finch. Now Shipping Nationwide USA! Red head parrot finches. for sale, We have lots of parrot finches readily available. Raised by their parents in my large outdoor aviary!View Detail, Singing Male Finch, includes large tall cage and cage base with wheels, everything you need is included. N/A. 1left ready in a week Lady Gouldian Finch California Bird Classifieds by, part of the, LLC group of websites. Chocolate pied Society finches hatched February 2023. Great deals of colors, including yellow backs. I also have 2 society finch females but they need to stay together. Excellent for any bird lovers and breeder.Buy Now, Selling around 5-6 budgie birds varying shades of green open for negotiation if you are willing to buy more then oneBuy Now, Beautiful 9 month old fancy parakeet with stand and Large cage. SOLD, Zebra finches to re-home $22 each Single males and Hey there, I have a pair of male gouldian finches one is orange head, dilute green back and purple chest, other one male and female gouldian finches price for the par $160 Bronze Fallow and Cinnamon cockatiels are available for pick-up at Nuevo. Silver 180.00 CL. Birds, Conures. 4 zebra finches $9 each ,pick up only , picture attach, 4 male standard grey zebra finches for sale. Their knack for breeding birds quickly paid off, and by 1978 they had a total of 7 separate buildings devoted to breeding parakeets. Tropic Island Bird and Supply, CA We Ship. I have all new photos and Cites certificate videos as proof this is a genuine add with money back guarantee. Around people he likes to talk but at night very quiet, he comes with his cage so you don't need to get one. Discounts for 6 or more. I have some DF and SF yellow split to silver. LAVANDER FINCH- 2 MALES / 1 FEMALE $150.00 READ EARS FINCH- 1 PAIR $100.00 CUBAN MELODIOUS- 2 FEMALES $250.00 CORDON. No MIN. McDonald Bird Farm was started in 1975 by James and Brenda McDonald. Ads 1 - 10 of 13 . View Contact Info. Browse through available society finches for sale by aviaries, breeders and bird rescues. Fortunately, we have managed to visit numerous countries around Europe, Asia, and America. Accentor, Adelie Penguin, African Collared Dove, African Finfoot, African Grey Hornbill, African Lemon-dove, African Pied Hornbill, African Rail, Albatross, Amazon, American Black Oystercatcher, Afep Pigeon, African Crake, African Grey Parrot, African Mourning Dove, Alexandrine parakeet, Acorn Woodpecker, African Black Oystercatcher, African Cuckoo-Hawk, African Grey, African Penguin, Andean Guan, Black-billed Mountain-toucan, Blue-and-yellow Macaw, Blue-fronted Amazon, Brazilian Duck, Barbary Dove, Birds of Paradise, Baird's Sandpiper, Black-chested Buzzard-eagle, Budgerigar, California Quail, Chicken, Cockatiel, Common Buzzard, Caique, Canary, Cockatoo, Common Quail, Cardinal, Conure, Diamond Dove, Double Yellow Headed Amazon, Dove, Duck, Ducorps' Cockatoo, Eclectus Parrot, Elegant Tern, Eurasian Eagle-owl, Fischer's Turaco, Falcon, Finch, Goffin's Cockatoo, Great Green Macaw, Green Turaco, Green-Winged Macaw, Galah Cockatoo, Green Cheek Conure, Hahn's macaw, Harrier Hawk, Indian Ringneck, Inaccessible Island Rail, Indian Peafowl, Jenday Conure, Jardine Parrot, Kakariki, Lorie, Lovebird, Lesser Striped Swallow, Lorikeet, Lory, Macaroni Penguin, Megapode, Macaw, Moluccan Cockatoo, Masked Duck, Meyer's Parrot, Other, Ostrich, Parakeet Auklet, Pigeon, Princess Parrot, Parrot, Palm Cockatoo, Parakeet, Parrotlet, Quaker, Quaker Parrot, Red-bellied Parrot, Red-fronted Conure, Red-lored Amazon, Ring-necked Duck, Rosella, Rainbow Bee-eater, Rhea (bird), Rock Pigeon, Scarlett Macaw, Senegal Parrot, Sun Conure, Toucan, Turkey, Umbrella Cockatoo, Wren, Yellow-Naped Amazon Parrot, Yellowhead, Umbrella Cockatoo, California Sacramento County, African Grey Parrot, California Rocklin, Standard Poodle, California Los Angeles, Umbrella Cockatoo, California Yorba Linda, Birds For Sale in Los Angeles County (1026), Birds For Sale in San Francisco County (160), Birds For Sale in Contra Costa County (73), African Grey Parrot For Sale in California (463), African Grey For Sale in California (258), African Grey Hornbill For Sale in California (135), Great Green Macaw For Sale in California (124), Blue-and-yellow Macaw For Sale in California (51). Or, Beautiful Blue Backed Gouldian Finches $225 each. ORDER 30 UP TO 100 if SHIPPED. McDonald Bird Farm offers the finest, healthiest wholesale Parakeets and finches for sale anywhere in the U.S. today. Finch Bird Classifieds by, part of the, LLC group of websites. Accessible at for sale, European Gold finches for sale 80.00 a pair , Males 50.00 each Will ship USPS 65. I also have Price:$60 to $75 Male young and adults ready for male lady gouldian finch aplit to yellow please call or text The finch is one of its inhabitants, unsurprisingly, as this diminutive bird loves the green backyards and bird feeder buffest Californians keep outside. Browse through available california birds for sale and adoption by aviaries, breeders and bird rescues. He cannot fly so he likes to jump around on the floor. All Rights Reserved. Males and females.Buy Now, My birds need to rehome quick, cause house moving, please have a look at the picturesBuy Now. Text: 510-209-6812 they are currently talking and picking up loads of new words every week. Other one is more of turquoise color on the back. They are DNA tested male and female and are ready now to be part of your family. Originally paid $2,500 for birds and cage together. Both have Red head Purple breast Green back. White breeding cage with removable wall between each side. They comes with their cage all toys and a special avian stand UV light. Wild Bird World may gain commission from affiliate links on the site. - Do you have any cats? call or text ..hablo espaol. hablo espaol. post. For Serious Inquiries, Call or Text 562 318 8585 .No Emails Please! 2023 young Green Singers ( Crithagra Mozambicus) Young gouldian finch. House Finches are residents of California all year. They can step up and say hi baby and mango (their names and mango and guava).Buy Now, Two year old Male Brazilian crested cardinal super good singerBuy Now, Due to unfortunate working time situation I am having to sell my beloved African Grey Parrots. Blue Back Lady Gouldian - Erythrura Gouldiae Read More Blue Faced Parrot Finch - Amblynura Trichroa Read More Black and White Mannikin - Lonchura Bicolor Read More Bengalese Finch (Society) - Lonchura Striata Domestica Read More Bronze Winged Mannikin - Lonchura Cucullata Read More Chestnut Breasted Mannikin - Lonchura Castaneothorax Read More Combassou Finch - Vidua Chalybeate Read They are roughly 8 months old. have over 40 birds for sale. Ad Type. I am not a wholesaler, ALL RAISER OUTSIDE MIN ORDER OF 20 UP TO 100 IF SHIPPED no texting or e-mail call our phone number no min. All Rights Reserved. They nest in all types of trees, from conifers to deciduous to ground-laid shrubbery, and they forage among backyards when treats are made available. Also great pet Finches for sale,Finches are very neat, they are also quiet and easy to care for. Home; Store; Love Birds; Budgies/Parakeets; call Ducks; QUAKER PARROTS; Indian Ringneck Parots $ 0.00. 2022 McDonald Bird Farm. In terms of feeding, Cassins are mostly vegetarian, snacking on seeds and berries, but they will take insects back to the nest when theyre available. Great for homing These mountain finches are common in the northeastern tip of California like Mt. The point is to start a dialogue between us. Readily For sell 2 females Gouldian Finches, the one on left is red-head purple chest they both 10 months old good healthy. Lady gouldian finch for sale. . no favorites. green backs 75.00 to 95.00 This will not come at any extra price to you however it does support the website and allow it to keep running. $45.00 Sale. They have been raised with love and care with a healthy diet and lots of time outdoors. Male. 2013 closed banded Gouldian finches for sale. Blue . One with normal colors Interested reply with contact info. Prices can be combine when you buy more birds you can get better dealView Detail, And time goldfinch in perfect health singing beautiful in perfect health condition for more information please call(xxx) xxx-xxx1View Detail, Siberian goldfinches for sale . While sticking with our goal, we dedicated ourselves to treating our customers in the same We are moving and looking to sell/rehome them. There is a discount for all 3 parrots or a pair. At least be local within 30-40 miles range from my location point. mixed colors, yellow, bronze, red. Now Shipping Nationwide USA! ISO Gouldian finches yellows, blues or silver While sticking with our goal, we dedicated ourselves to treating our customers in the same, 2022 McDonald Bird Farm. Birds are aviary born and heat medication free. Gouldian finches for sale. The male, "Beaker", has standard coloration and is approx. Finch Birds for sale in California from top breeders and individuals. She loves dark haired men. N/A. Male Lizard Canary. Up for sale lady gouldian finches various colors They love the fresh air year round - especially here in Southern California, and I want to ensure that they will be able to enjoy as much of the outdoors as possible. Both disease tested. For Serious Inquiries, Call or Text our phone number. He has a year replacement guarantee as, years and am giving up this hobby. Only serious buyers and no time wasters . Lady Gouldian Finch. normals 60ea or 100 a pair. They both are 9-10 months old. Without them our business would not exist. Sold out! Sort. Parent raised. An adult Gouldian Finch can weigh up to 12 grams. None of these are prerequisites - I'm just trying to make the right match for their new home. Bird and Parrot classifieds. ORDER 30 UP TO 100 if SHIPPED. She loves to dance and tell you she loves you.Buy Now, Hi everyone, I have just got a new job which has forced me to rehome my lovely African Greys because I don have enough time to spend with them, I live with my wife and 2 kids with my three African Grey parrots. I have some European Goldfinch hasoon ready to breed this season beautiful pairs males singing hard to find them pick parrolet pair Available and Black cheek and white fallow Zebra finches, Gouldian- split to blue, yellow and silver. The Finches are members of the order Passeriformes, which contains the perching birds. This ad was posted with the eBay Classifieds mobile app. Pets and Animals Woodland 50 . I have 12 if you buy all will give it for $50 eachView Detail. Most of them not colored yet, babies Call us at (732) 764-2473 to find out about our Gouldian Finch for sale selection. Due to their varied and unstudied sizes, there is no average weight range for this bird. Started in 1955 by Frank Miser Sr., The Magnolia Bird Farm has over 65 years of experience selling, buying, raising, and loving birds. They began shipping birds nationwide and their expansion continued over the next few years by building 3 more 24x 56 aviaries while expanding the breeding operation to include cockatiels, finches, lovebirds, canaries, doves, etc. We have a small variety of Society Finches available. The female, "Trinity", is Albino and is approx. We believe in all the products we offer and use them on all our birds. Moving to Idaho and cant take them with.. Bondade pair of red faced parrot finches for sale ready to breedBuy Now, Healthy and young finches Breed inside the Birds room, please inquire only the serious buyers. A perfect pet for people with limited space and time. . - Do you have a history with birds or would these be your first? These birds have bills that are designed for breaking different seeds open. Not sexed. For utility Copyright 2005-2023, LLC. These finches are the smallest of the species that we have previously looked at, they weigh only 8-11.5g with a wingspan of 15-20cm. At PetSmart, you can choose from a variety of different pet birds we have for sale, including finches, parakeets, concures and more. Raised by their parents in my large outdoor aviary!.. male is blue and female yellow split to blue That is a rarity these days. They can step up and say "hi baby" and "mango" (their names and mango and guava). mixed colors, yellow, bronze, red. This book on everything to do with Finches is a fantastic read! Their first aviary was a small building built in the backyard. And comes with paperwork.Buy Now, Extra large King Pigieon Emerald Forest Bird Gardens (EFBG), founded in 1990 by Jerry Jennings, is situated on 40-acres of land in. Ideally, these would be going to a home with children, elderly, other birds, or someone who can devote the time required to keeping their cage clean and putting them outdoors in the daytime and taking them in at night. Browse search results for gouldian finches Pets and Animals for sale in California. Contact Us. Like other finches, they also have small wingspans of 18-22cm.

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