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The timing might not have seemed auspicious; companies were quitting the Williston Basin, unable to sell their product for more than it cost to produce. The order also provided: The Special Master shall submit its draft report and preliminary appraisals to the parties for comment by November 9, 2001. The technique is more exact now. Comprehensive company profiles. Section 10-32-119(4), N.D.C.C., provides all members in a closely held limited liability company owe one another a duty to act in an honest, fair, and reasonable manner in the operation of the limited liability company. [T]he fiduciary obligation of undivided loyalty imposed upon directors and officers precludes them from appropriating a business opportunity which belongs to the corporation. Joseph W. Bishop, Jr., The Law of Corporate Officers and Directors 3.05 (2002). Co., 2002 ND 148, 5, 651 N.W.2d 683. WebNORTH DAKOTA DOMESTIC LIMITED-LIABILITY COMPANY - BUSINESS: WRITE REVIEW: Address: 919 S 7th St Ste 405 Bismarck, ND 58504-5835: Registered Agent: Loren R Kopseng: Filing Date: February 27, 2019: File Number: 0002711762: View People Named Loren Kopseng in North Dakota: Contact Us About The Company Profile For A court may grant any equitable relief it considers just and reasonable in the circumstances or may dissolve, wind up, and terminate a limited liability company: a. Gloria Fronk Sun Lakes, AZ. Its hard to say whether the hope and grandeur of that vision are deeper than its delusions. d.In an action by the attorney general to dissolve the limited liability company in accordance with section 10-32-122 when it is established that a decree of termination is appropriate. I stopped for gas at a Cenex convenience store called Bakken Central, where help was wanted for all days, all shifts. New or freshly painted pump jacks were nodding over recent discoveries. [9]The corporate defendants appealed, contending the trial court abused its discretion in awarding Jundt $300,000 as an equitable remedy. The defendants acknowledged the plaintiff was entitled to his 4,925 membership interest units in Jurassic Resources Development North America, L.L.C., a North Dakota Limited Liability Company, effective March 9, 2000. The locals here are great people. The managing governors of Jurassic that were representing the corporate owners of Jurassic membership interest units and owned Montana Heartland knew Jurassic was negotiating to acquire WBI properties before Jundt left Jurassic, and, therefore, knew of the opportunity. The Registered Agent on file for this company is Loren R Kopseng and is located at 919 S 7th St Ste 405, Bismarck, ND 58504-5835. WebLOREN KOPSENG Agent 919 South 7th Street Suite 405 Bismarck, ND 58504 Reviews Write Review There are no reviews yet for this company. Jundt and Kopseng formed Jurassic. 10-32-119(1) authorizes a court to grant such equitable relief in only limited circumstances: 1. Jundt did not invest money in Jurassic and did not, initially, receive any membership units in it. And then again in the late 70s, when the boom was driven by rising oil prices. Cloud Enters., Inc., 301 Minn. 261, 222 N.W.2d 83, 86 (1974). Perm. Under any of the theories, Jundt has failed to meet his burden. While they were buying houses and investing in mutual funds, he was in debt-work-out negotiations with Halliburton. Loren is related to Sander Kopseng and Stephanie Nicole Peterson as well as 3 additional people. Its a very solitary existence, being up there. A decade ago you could have spread a picnic blanket on a lot of back roads in western North Dakota and safely taken a nap. He began working for The Forum in the 1980s while he was a student studying journalism at Minnesota State University Moorhead. What constitutes the usurpation of a corporate opportunity is the subject of considerable litigation [H]owever, a single definitive test has not yet emerged. Joseph W. Bishop, Jr., The Law of Corporate Officers and Directors 3.05 (2002). WebLoren Kopseng, Bismarck, ND 1960 Piper PA-18-150, N3574Z Outstanding Piper PA-24 Comanche Dennis Carew, Appleton, WI 1963 Piper PA-24-250, N250LJ Outstanding Piper PA-28 Cherokee John Ditchie, Glen Ellyn, IL 1966 Piper PA-28-140, N7122R Outstanding Limited Production Marilyn & Richard Olwin, Jemez Springs, NM 1969 Navion H, N2533T Loren currently resides at 2750 Wilderness Cove Rd, Bismarck, ND. The chances are good. 3 Fletcher Cyc. Id. WebLoren Kopseng, the pilot of the Piper Cheyenne, brought the plane down at a little after 9 p.m. on the airport's secondary runway. [17]However, N.D.C.C. 10. They have also lived in Queen Creek, AZ and Bismarck, ND. The same article said United Energy in 2012 earned a net profit of $44.8 million on revenues of $5.7 billion. Every master plan the city has prepared is obsolete by the time its printed. Memorial services will be held at 2 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 21, at Trinity Id rather stay in a small town., Kevin Tschetter, 34, hauls water to and from active wells for KNS Enterprises. He was elected to the Board of Commissioners in 1994 and returned to office five times. He brokered oil-field equipment; he bought and sold leases; he jumped into the natural-gas market just as it was being deregulated. What made people rethink the viability of the Bakken was horizontal drilling. In truth, it seems less an assessment of what humanity can expect when it is done devouring the earths nonrenewable resources than a prayer that reflects a faith unique to the place where Link was born, faith that all those caved-in cabins, withered towns and stillborn dreams and whatever is left when the oil is gone can be redeemed. He makes $12,000 to $14,000 a month. which nationally has been declining for decades that included tax breaks, grants and loans. Sometimes Loren goes by One reason for the lack of dissent may be that there just arent that many people in North Dakota the state has a population density of less than 10 per square mile; Pennsylvania has 284, New York 411 and the people who are there appear to have weighed the benefits against the costs. Theres a lot of other people out there that are still living in trailers and stuff. The Court intends through its equitable resolution to end all controversy among the parties so they can all get on with their own endeavors free and clear of any concern about anything anyone is doing with Jurassic. This is the boom being managed by local people certain they know how to look after their interests and safeguard the land they live on. Koeser pulled over in the middle of a neighborhood that was nothing but curbs and driveways and empty lots. [23]We recently reiterated the test for resolving a motion for summary judgment: Summary judgment is a procedural device for promptly and expeditiously disposing of an action without a trial if either party is entitled to judgment as a matter of law and if no dispute exists as to either the material facts or the inferences to be drawn from undisputed facts, or if resolving factual disputes will not alter the result. And then suddenly there were oil wells. That gets old, that does get old. Brandi and Zachary broke up last week. Word on the street in Bismarck recently, the open secret even, was that Kopseng was the name connected to buying Coal Creek, the massive power plant slated for closure in 2022 by its current owner, Great River Energy of Minnesota. The only problem you got is if you move in with somebody that you dont like very much. Spending all the money? Hamm, who is known as the Baron of the Bakken by virtue of having more than a million acres leased for drilling, led Mitt Romneys energy committee, which proposed giving states control of oil leases on federal lands. If United Energy's purchase of Coal Creek Station is finalized and announced in a couple of weeks, North Dakota leaders will undoubtedly point to the state as a pioneer that is working toward a way to keep its coal industry relevant in the face of pressure from progressive politicians and climate-change activists. The sandstone of the Middle Bakken retained the shape of the drill bore better than the Bakken shale. Reputation Score: 1.70-3.81. 8. We had 12,500 people in the 2000 census, and we wanted to grow beyond that, he said, heading to the northern edge of town. We may head closer to Bismarck, you know. The payoff provision is inserted to guarantee the financial group their writeoff's during the planned start up period which is scheduled to be conducted as a loss. After he married and started a family, it was his wifes friends who looked at him sideways. It was almost possible to imagine the land as it appeared to Lewis and Clark when the Corps of Discovery came up the Missouri in 1804 but only if you looked past the toy-size trucks crawling west on Interstate 94 with drill pipe and water tanks; and the locomotives lumbering east with hundred-unit trains of black oil-tanker cars in tow. Leigh Price, a United States Geological Survey geochemist, was initially greeted with skepticism when, about 13 years ago, he came to the conclusion that the Bakken might hold as much as 503 billion barrels of oil. Under paragraphs 1.11 and 2.09 of the Jurassic Operating Agreement, the members and the board of governors may take actions by the affirmative vote of a majority of the members or governors unless otherwise required by law or specified in the Articles of Organization of the Company or a member control agreement. Thus, the corporate defendants had the power to control Jurassic's business decisions. See All Contacts. Kopseng is a conservative Republican, and like many North Dakotans, he includes government regulation in the same category of pleasant experiences as droughts, floods, grasshoppers and prairie fires. [6]Jurassic's member control agreement, executed on January 26, 1998, provides in part: 3.08Additional Capital Contributions. Wells being hydraulically fractured were ringed by 20 or more water tanks spread out on square mounds of brick-red scoria a clay sintered by underground coal fires and used for drill pads and roads in North Dakota. [11]The parties stipulated to the appointment of a special master. That's why Lt. Gov. 5. Laura Louise Kopseng-Klein, 85, 1015 N. Third St., Bismarck, died Nov. 20, 2001, at Medcenter One Health Care Center, Bismarck, from complications of Parkinson's disease. It reverses decades of anxiety about out-migration and rural decline and death. Real-time trigger alerts. All rights reserved. As a subscriber, you have 10 gift articles to give each month. Even though youre with your man, youre holding his hand or whatever, theyll still stare. Zachary (center): Shes a beautiful girl, so Ive always got that, like all the guys constantly hitting on her. bobby dalbec parents nationality, pillars of salt and pillars of sand,

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